KeynectUp: the modern solution for delivering emergency contact information.

With a customized KeynectUp Contact Card, you allow students to access your resources in seconds. Deliver policy information, 24/7 Assistance phone numbers, emails, URLs, and PDFs - all without an app. KeynectUp keeps your resources simple and accessible to your audience.

“The KeynectUp technology puts On Call’s clients in a stronger position to display their commitment to duty of care by giving their travelers a simple, straightforward method of storing and retrieving potentially life-saving information.”

- Tom Davidson - President of On Call International

Why KeynectUp?

Easy to set up and utilize

Low cost & low maintenance

Effective for both travelers and administrators

Efficient during a crisis

Embedded in the smartphone without an app

KeynectUp works well with any device without requiring the end user to download an app while also taking advantage of what smartphone's already do well.

Features like Caller ID, Siri, and Google Assistant work with KeynectUp to ensure accurate and easy access to your organization's contact information.

KeynectUp Two-Way Messaging Platform

Communicate with your students directly utilizing the KeynectUp Two-Way Messaging system. Two-Way Messaging allows administrators to send a message through SMS text and email - directly to a student's device. Students can respond directly to their administrator, increasing efficiency and accuracy of outreach during an event.

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